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Get Voice-Over IP (VOIP)
phones for your business

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Audio & Video

Make sure all of your
presentations go off without a hitch

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Structured Cabling

Set up pathways for information on
your communication system

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IT Communications &
Consulting Service

Navigate your server’s traffic
and keep everyone connected

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Video Surveillance Equipment

IP-Based video
surveillance systems

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Telephase makes technology work for you

Count on us to reinvent your connection to computers

Even the best of applications, whether running in the Cloud or on hardware located at your premises, won’t operate at peak performance unless you have a robust and stable network in place. TELEPHASE is one of the only IT Solutions Providers to include Structured Cabling as well as Wireless Networking solutions as part of our total solutions model.

Eliminate the potential for finger-pointing between vendors. The buck stops with TELEPHASE as your “one-stop” IT Solutions Provider.

All services are available nationwide including in Lodi, CA. IT Solutions | Structured Cabling | Business VoIP Phones | Audio & Video Systems | Video Surveillance Equipment | Unified Communications

Are you making the most of IT technology?

Seek out IT consulting in Lodi, CA

Your goal is to focus on growing your business, remaining competitive and supporting your customers. Our goal is to deliver business improvements to your company by utilizing the latest technology now available “as-a-service” while controlling expenses and improving employee productivity and customer service.

TELEPHASE partners with one of the largest “supplier neutral” technology & IT services distributors in the Nation. This unique approach allows us to make hundreds of additional resources available to every customer.

Our exclusive six-step engagement process is designed to help simplify your IT consulting experience and to ensure the best results. We take great pride in the quality of our work but if at any time during the discovery process we cannot deliver the best solution, we will find someone that can.

Elevate your company with our business technology consulting in Lodi, CA and surrounding areas

We offer business technology consulting to help you run your business right.
You can benefit from our consulting services no matter which industry you work in.

No matter what kind of business you need solutions for,
you can come to us for business technology consulting in Lodi, CA.

Stay current with IT consulting

It can be difficult to keep on top of technology trends. We’ll do it for you. When we join forces with your business, we can make sure your company stays as cutting edge as possible.

Whether you need assistance with your server or your circuitry, we can help. Don’t fall behind others in your industry. Contact us now to start leading the pack.

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